And can anyone vouch for that?
First prize is a 1000 travel voucher.
To get reimbursed from our reduction jouet noel 2018 budget for purchases, you must fill out a voucher form.
I vouch for the quality of my products.He could vouch for me, Except I think he might have been passed out.I'll vouch for that boy; he has promised to be good.I can't vouch for the egg salad, but the peanut butter cookie, four stars.I can vouch for my young colleague.Is there anyone that can vouch for that?I would vouch for each and every one of them.
Anybody who can vouch for that?He agreed to contact Flynn, set up a meet, and vouch for one of our agents.No, but you can vouch for what Jacob said.I can vouch for them personally.The student attestation remise en main propre démission that attended can vouch for him.I can vouch for the accuracy of those figures.She's a fighter, Bunch, and I think everybody here can vouch for that.He vouched his words by his deeds.Of course, I can't vouch for what the chief inspector has touched.