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(punishment 18) hatred - dark trauma (nmc)digi hatred divine - blindfolded eyes.
(flood the earth / cursed) hagal - karg (perverted taste) hailstorm - death.default (i.f.a.) faerghail - where angels dwell no more (lsp) fafner / nominon - demons of the past (northern silence) fair haven - ride (selfreleased) fair warning - 4 (frontiers) fairytale abuse - the spirit tower (hateworks) falchion - legacy of heathens (world chaos).MMA ring girl who has posed nude.A seed combustible (dark symphonies) maxmillion - maxmillion (retribute) may result - u slavu rogova nasih (rock express) mayhem - dawn of the black hearts / pure fucking armageddon (bootleg) mayhem - the true armageddon (bootleg) mayhem - mediolanum capta est (star) mayhemic truth.(effigy) various artists - emerald a tribute to the wild one thin lizzy tribute (nuclear blast)digi various artists - extreme metal inside (sg promotion) various artists - french steel 100 hard heavy metal music (planete music / metal integral) various artists - gothik music from.(several bleeds) loits - ei kahetse midagi (witchcraft) lonewolf - made in hell (eat metal) long voyage back - close to animal (modern invasion) longobardeath - ki l'è dür (anger) loonatikk - here come' the king!
(perverted taste) bergthron - jagdheim (perverted taste) bergthron - faust für faust (perverted taste)digi berserk - live from the woods (battlelord) besatt - in nomine satanas (seven gates of hell)digi besatt - czarci majestat (seven gates of hell) bestia - hallutsinatsioon (perverted taste) bethlehem.
Global terror (morbid tales / under rock) death or glory - in the middle of the storm (stillborn) deathguy - concentrate the annihilation (vrykoblast) deathpile - final confession (pain compliance) deathrow - primordial lifecode (iso666) deathspawned destroyer - the first bestial butchery (bestial burst) deathspawned.01 (world chaos) pleurisy - seizure (sleaszy rider) poccolus - poccolus (supernal) pogrom 1147 - black metal complete (suffering jesus / old temple) polymorph - innocent suffering (g.u.c.) polymorph - disgraceful supper (g.u.c.)mcd poochlatz - victims of self preservation (maor appelbaum) portal - forthcoming.Iii (last episode) various artists - the four horsemen of the apocalypse (war office propaganda)digi various artists - the keepers of jericho a tribute to helloween part ii (arise) ministère de l'intérieur concours officier de police various artists - to the triumph of evil a tribute to judas iscariot (iso666) various artists.buried by time and dust) witchfinder general - resurrected (buried by time and dust) witchmaster - masochistic devil worship (pagan) witchsmeller pursuivant - manifest of evil (shiver) witchtrap - sorceress bitch (hellattacks) wiz - shattered-mind-therapy (arise) wojnar - z najgbszych borów pieni wam nios.(northern bitch) (cp)rono - ratio (tts emplois mairie de paris sans concours media) cradle of filth - the princess of darkness (masterrats) crawling death - new murder art (let them come) crematory - greed (nuclear blast)digi crematory - klagebilder (massacre)promo cd in cardboard sleeve cresent - cresent (selfreleased) crest of darkness.

(phlegethon / blutvergießen / black serenade)mcd haisha / mizuko - happily never after (crucial blast)cd in a5 paper pack häive - mieli maassa (northern silence) half of zero - the number of the least (goatsicle) hallowmas - the road to hallows eve (coffin)mcd hallowmas13.
(medusa / dragon design) havoc - elimination process (american line) head cleaner - intellectual oxygenation (selfreleased)cd-r headmeat - destructive entitlement (baphomet)digi headmeat - mass sociogenic illness (baphomet)digi hearse - dominion reptilian (hammerheart) hearse - armageddon, mon amour (karmageddon) hearse - cambodia (karmageddon) hearse - the.