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Use of the name "Wikipedia" is a matter for the foundation, not editors, but appears to be diy cadeau invité anniversaire simple confusion between the term "wiki" and the registered trademark "Wikipedia".
Today we've corrected 38 web pages including all of the unique facts for Europe - which also contain the links you mentioned: m and m We appreciate your patience, and the wonderful service that Wikipedia provides to our site and so many others.
Org m edit m URL m Description description Sample m Rating None Compliance This website and others in its network (m, m, m) copy content from Wikipedia pages and use it to form their own database pages.No mention of Wikipedia or gfdl.Contact info Moorjani, Tanuj orjani AT m Actions None Scribd edit Scribd URL May be multiple e-books copied from Wikipedia.No statement is made anywhere as to from whence they got the material.M edit See m edit m URL m Description description Sample Rating None Compliance Copies directly from Wikipedia pages (for example, May 2007 tornado outbreak - while claiming "Copyright 2009 m All rights reserved".Org/wiki/France Rating High Compliance The site points out to the gfdl on every page requested from wikipedia 15 Contact info staiii AT m Actions none carte cadeau kadeos fnac billetterie StacyLondon.URL m Description description Sample m/encyclopedia/entry/albania Rating Medium.There are probably a lot more out there.
PointyOintment ( talk ) 09:21, 6 December 2015 (UTC) Serial Killer Calendar edit Serial Killer Calendar URL m Description description Sample ml Rating Low.
Contact info Simon Lovesey info AT Actions San Luis Obispo Bill of Rights Defense Committee edit Site: Only uses opening paragraph from USA patriot Act.No attribution, no gfdl.Abuse AT m (ISP) Actions none Territorioscuola edit, m edit Description of the site : uses modified MediaWiki software to serve up an unmodified current-version English Wikipedia article database.Says the content is from Wikipedia.Because the campaign has done so well, concours saumur the designers have been able to provide additional features, such as an ethernet port and adaptive video quality in the app.Contact info Actions I've done nothing.Join the discussion and share your knowledge at Wikipedia.(India) ISP: m full whois info here Contact Us page on website Actions None Star Trek: USS Scorpion edit Site: Star Trek: USS Scorpion The page known allies combines material from various Wikipedia pages, possibly with other text included as well.If there is any link or material in any page on this site that would infringe on any copyright, the link or material, provided it is being served from m's server rather than that of a third party, will be removed immediately upon proof.

"Cambridge Encyclopedia" has a lot of obvious copyvio'ed biographies.